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Reed: Bernie Sanders Took 'Shortcut' By Running As A Democrat

Feb 12, 2016

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed had some strong words Thursday opposing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

At a luncheon with the Atlanta Press Club, Reed said if Sanders wins the party nomination, Republicans would "launch an avalanche of money, define him as a Socialist and take the House and Senate over a cliff with him." 

The mayor also accused Sanders of taking a "shortcut" by running as a Democrat instead of remaining an independent.

"All of you all have been talking about his authenticity and integrity. A person with integrity and authenticity would run as what they are," Reed said of Sanders, who served as an independent in Congress for more than two decades. 

Reed is a vocal supporter of Sanders' opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The mayor plans to host a private fundraiser for her when former President Bill Clinton campaigns for his wife in Atlanta on Saturday.

Sanders has performed better than anticipated, handily beating Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary and narrowly losing in Iowa.

Georgia holds its primary March 1, on Super Tuesday.