Rain Could Affect Some South Georgia Crops

Jul 5, 2013

The excessive rain that has affected many parts of the state could be problematic for some crops in south Georgia.

Some parts of south Georgia have received between two to six inches of rain in the last 3 days. State Climatologist Bill Murphey says the rain could affect the soil’s ability to remain intact and endanger some watermelon, cantaloupe and peanut crops.

Credit Judy Baxter / http://bit.ly/1d0jrfV

“Some of the growth could be affected, you know, not as good of crop as normal, the yields might be less.”

Murphey says it can also cause a fungal disease called scab disease in wheat crops.

But despite the potential negative effects of the recent rain, he says some crops in Southwest Georgia counties are likely to benefit.

“If you’re talking around Decatur, Grady, Mitchell, Thomas and Brooks as well, even parts of Seminole County, still had some dryness showing up, some abnormally dry conditions.”

Murphey expects to know more about how the recent rain affected Georgia crops sometime next week.