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Pyramids Really Exist: Adron on the Beltline

Oct 18, 2013

During this Fall Fund Drive, we’re looking back at some of our favorite work we’ve brought you on City Café in recent months.

Atlanta-based musician Adron has made a name for herself through her lilting, sunny and fleet-fingered pop songs. She added “public art” to her repertoire when she built a pyramid on the Beltline late last summer for a music video to be shot by independent filmmaker Barry Alexander Brown. The singer also took to the fundraising site Kickstarter, not only for funding, but also to solicit donations for objects with which to decorate the pyramid itself.

Since this story originally aired in September 2012, Adron’s pyramid has been taken down from the west side trail—so goes the cycle of the Art on the Beltline program.  However, the video was shot, edited and released, and is now available on YouTube.

One more thing! Well, two more, actually. Hear Adron perform "Pyramids" and the unreleased song "Your Habitat" in our studios in the links below.