The Process of Leveling In Area School Districts: Atlanta Public Schools

Sep 14, 2012

It’s a common practice among school districts after an official enrollment count is determined.

Leveling is a process that moves educators and staff around to balance with the number of students in schools.

And there’s a chance that some educators could be out of a job.

WABE is reporting on area school districts and the leveling process.

Right now APS is trending around 47,000 students.

The more students mean the need for more teachers.

That seems like good news for educators who could be affected.

APS spokesperson Keith Bromery says, “there’s always the potential in the leveling process that you will end up with more instructors and educators than students.”

“In which case there is always the potential for people to undergo a reduction in force,” says Bromery.

Bromery says it’s been awhile since APS has had a reduction in force due to leveling.

He adds a teacher’s specialty could determine where or if they’re needed in a school.

But it’s also left up to school principals who have the best insight as to the needs of their schools.

“So that is part of the process as well, the selection process and then if people are displaced that will be based largely on their performance, past performance reviews or if they’ve been with us a while and other criteria that will be taken into account.”

Bromery says it’s usually a month or two after the start of school before APS will start the leveling process.

WABE will report on other districts and the leveling process.