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Photography Group Opens Gallery To All With Push Pin Show

Feb 23, 2017

Tonight, the Atlanta Photography Group is opening its gallery to anyone with work to hang ... or pin up, to be more precise.

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“The Push Pin is an opportunity for anybody and everybody to bring in their work and put it up on the walls,” APG Executive Director Beth Lilly says.

The show invites professional and amateur photographers alike to put up work in the gallery – as the name would suggest – stuck to the wall with a push pin. Lilly sees the show as an opportunity for those with less experience to show their work in a real gallery for a wide group of artists and arts patrons.

“It’s like old-school Instagram,” Lilly says, “just stick it up and see how many 'likes' you get. This is where you can fail miserably and nobody’s going to judge you for it. Instead, people will say 'Hey, here’s how you can do this better.'”

This is APG’s 30th annual Push Pin Show. The group began in 1987 and Lilly says the Push Pin was one of the first events they put on.

“That’s kind of been the heart and soul of APG," she says, “giving an opportunity to everybody to show in a gallery, to work on your craft and get it out there.”

The show is also celebrating the anniversary with a special display of work from accomplished photographers who have been a part of APG’s history.  

Space on the gallery’s walls is first-come-first-served at the Push Pin Show, but Lilly asserts that there won’t be a bad spot to display photos.

“Good work is good work, it shines,” she says.

The Atlanta Photography Group's 30th annual Push Pin Show takes place tonight at 6 p.m and will be on view until March 11.