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'Parking Like This Is Rude’: Georgia Woman's Tires Slashed

Sep 8, 2017

After a woman's tires were slashed, police in a Georgia are looking for a suspect who they believe did it.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that according to a Milton police report, a 32-year-old woman reported Aug. 18 that she returned to her car parked along a road and found that a tire had been slashed. A note had been left on her car that said, "parking like this is rude, you (expletive)."

The report says the suspect had slashed the back passenger-side tire of the woman's white 2017 GMC Terrain, and a tire on the U-Haul trailer attached to the vehicle was punctured.

Police found fingerprints of the windshield, but say in the report that they were too smudged to get any usable prints.

The case remains under investigation.