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Panda Cubs at Zoo Atlanta

Aug 16, 2013

Lun Lun, grooming one of her twin cubs
Credit Zoo Atlanta

The first set of Giant Panda twins to be born in the United States since 1987 still have weeks before they’ll be out on display at Zoo Atlanta.

Lun Lun gave birth on July 15, and since then, Zoo staff has worked shifts around the clock, including three full-time veterinarians and seven zoo-keepers. There’s even a specialist in town from Chengdu, China, from where the Giant Pandas are on-loan. He has eaten in, slept in, and rarely left the room next to Lun Lun and her charges ever since their birth.

Dr. Rebecca Snyder is Zoo Atlanta’s curator of mammals. She recently sat down to talk with John Lemley about the pandas, including their surprising delivery, their painstaking care, and why people go bananas over the bears.


And yes, here's a link to that irresistible panda cam.