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North Georgia Farmers Are Now In A Long-Term Drought

Sep 22, 2016


North Georgia, including the metro Atlanta area, has been in a drought so long, it's officially a long-term drought.

The U.S. Drought Monitor report released Thursday escalated the state from a short-term to a long-term drought.

A long-term drought means it has officially passed the six-month mark.

Georgia's Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black also owns a cattle farm in the city of Commerce in Jackson County. Black said he's praying for rain.

"When's that going to be over? When the Lord sends the rain, it'll be over. So I'm hoping it'll be soon," Black said.

Black said farmers are bringing in hay from south Georgia, but it's an expensive delivery. Some farmers are auctioning off cattle they can't feed and he said they’re stressed out.

Along with hay, Black said production in Georgia of row crops, like peanuts and cotton, will be short this year.

As of this week, there are 65 counties, mostly in north Georgia, that the federal government has designated as drought disaster zones.

"We've had three-tenths of an inch of rain since late August,” Black said. “It's certainly a pretty stressful time all across agriculture right now."

The state of Georgia is now in a long-term drought.
Credit Courtesy of USDA / WABE

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