Norcross's Novel Idea to Circumvent "Carry Everywhere"

Jun 6, 2014

Norcross City Hall houses not only administrative offices but also the city's municipal court.

The changes to Georgia’s weapons laws take effect July 1.

If you have a carry permit, you will be able to take a gun into most government buildings that are open to the public and do not have security. Among the exceptions to that policy: prisons, mental health facilities, and courthouses.

  The City of Norcross is working to take advantage of that exception. Right now, the building on Lawrenceville Street is just called Norcross City Hall. But city lawyers are currently drafting an ordinance to rename the building “Norcross City Hall and Municipal Court.”

“Then what we do is we post warnings not to bring weapons in, and we don’t have to have a security guard and metal detector at every door in the building,” says Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson, who is trying to save the city money in the wake of the new gun law that some call “Carry Everywhere.”

“These types of regulations cost us, but we’re never given any money to enact some of these laws,” says Johnson. He has not done the math on the cost of staffing every door of the building with a guard and a metal detector, but he knows his city of 9,000 cannot afford it.

Johnson thinks the new ordinance will pass handily at the July meeting -- just in time for the new state law to take effect.