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No Answers Yet On Sewage Contaminated Buckhead Playground

Feb 23, 2016

The Atlanta City Council was scheduled Friday to hear plans to address the sewage bubbling up in Atlanta Memorial Park in Buckhead. But discussion of the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management's short term and long term solutions was pushed back to a work session next week. 

“So does that mean we won’t hear any report today? Just nothing?” said Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens, who, like some Buckhead residents, was expecting to hear the issue addressed.

People living around the stinky park say even small amounts of rain can cause treated sewage to seep up into the park and active playground.

“Anybody who says it isn’t sewage, I suggest they go over and take a drinking glass and serve it to their family,” said John Adams, who has lived near the park for over 50 years. He said the Memorial Park has always flooded, but called the ongoing waste problems there a public health hazard. 

"If you've ever been down there and seen the 'stuff' ─ I'll use that polite word ─ that goes shooting out of the manhole covers, you will not believe you're in Atlanta," Adams said.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Mary Norwood said she’s encouraged by small steps the city is taking, but that big problems ─ like fixing Buckhead’s Nancy Creek a decade ago ─ take time to solve.

“Every single day that, that still happened was awful. It was awful for the people that had the backups, it was awful for the creek, it was awful for the children playing near the creek,” Norwood said. 

Mayor Kasim Reed is set to visit the area with engineers and watershed officials in the coming week.