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Nine Candidates Seek to Lead Brookhaven

Aug 13, 2012

Those hoping to take the reins of the recently approved city of Brookhaven have until Wednesday to decide if they want to seek office. Qualifying to fill four city council seats and a part-time mayoral position started Monday.

So far nine candidates have been declared eligible to run on the November ballot. One candidate hopes to become the city’s mayor and eight others want to win a seat on Brookhaven’s city council. Maxine Daniels is voter registration and elections director for DeKalb County:

“This is a pretty good turnout for the first day of qualifying, but I’m fairly certain that there will be more people to come out. In most qualifying there’s a little rush at the end, so we could have two to three candidates for all of the races, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.”

Daniels says to secure their place on the ballot, candidates have to be a registered voter, pay qualifying fees and live in the Brookhaven area. On July 31st more than half of the voters in a dozen area precincts approved Brookhaven’s creation. The city will become the largest in DeKalb County and is scheduled to begin operations in December.