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New $25M Fund Launched To Back Georgia Film Projects

Aug 28, 2017

Atlanta-based Roadshow Management Partners is launching a $25 million film fund to back small independent projects in the Peach State.  

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the investment fund was founded by Whit Blakeley, a career coach of over 30 years and founder of The Ritz Group, a nonprofit that connects entrepreneurs with private equity.

Blakeley has partnered with startup Gramarye Media, which will receive $5 million of the initial funding, to kick off the fund’s first projects. Gramarye aims to change the way film franchises are created by evaluating the potential of book manuscripts before they hit shelves.

Roadshow’s partnership with Gramarye will allow investors to take money that otherwise would be used to fund one film and instead invest it in several projects with the potential to become cross media event franchises

The film fund will specialize in small budget films that target the 18- to 35-year old demographic, primarily in the horror/thriller, romantic comedy or faith- and  value-based genres. Films in these genres tend to cost less and make more money.

In the fund’s first phase, Gramarye will give Roadshow’s investors the opportunity to spread their risk over four intellectual properties and turn the hits into films. Phase two will be a $26 million raise that will be spread over 24 projects. 

Ellie Hensley is an entertainment, health care and general assignment reporter for Atlanta Business Chronicle.