Most Georgians Using Voting Machines Bought In 2002 Or Earlier

Since 7 this morning, Georgians have been voting in the Super Tuesday primary. And Fulton County officials say at a few polling places, they had to fix problems with the aging computers.

Roughly 90 percent of voting machines used in Georgia were bought in 2002 or earlier.

“Most of us don’t expect our laptops or our desktops to last over a decade and that’s the kind of technology these machines are using,” said Chris Famighetti, a voting rights researcher at the Brennan Center.

But despite their age, Famighetti said most of the computers in Georgia appear to be in relatively good shape. “They do benefit from a great maintenance program at Kennesaw State at the Center for Election Systems.”

The Secretary of State's office says it was ready for Tuesday's vote and has had equipment on hand throughout the state in case of technical problems.