Metro Atlanta Gun Sales Booming

Jan 9, 2013

Nearly a month has passed since the shooting rampage in Connecticut that killed 28 people, including the gunman.  Since that fateful December day, more Georgians have been arming themselves.

Cobb County saw an 89% hike in weapons carry applications between December 2011 and last month.  State officials report increases were also seen in Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

"They're afraid about what our president is going to do about our gun rights and they want to be able to buy a gun while they still can," says Luther Lecroy, the owner of Acworth Guns.

Lecroy says he mourns the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School, and others who died in similar incidents.  However, he believes stricter regulations won't save lives.

"We already have laws against murder.  How are tougher gun laws going to resolve this issue?  Heaven forbid that we find ourselves in a position like England or Australia where the individual isn't allowed to own a weapon and our crime rate goes through the roof."

The non-profit pro-guns group says membership requests are rising at record levels.

Gun safety is a major topic at the White House this week.  On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with a number of gun groups, including the National Rifle Association.