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Metro Atlanta Cities Consider Monorail As Transit Option

The city manager of Brookhaven is looking at all mass transit opportunities for the area, and a monorail is one of the ideas under consideration.

"The objective is to get rubber tires off the road," Councilman Joe Gebbia said .

A monorail is a train with a single-rail track that is often elevated above the ground. There are monorail systems in cities like Seattle and Jacksonville, Florida, as well as one in Walt Disney World. 

Gebbia said that if a monorail is the best way to go, he would like to see a 12-mile loop throughout the city.  

“The final route would probably be Brookhaven to North Druid Hills Road at Buford to Executive Park and then north along the I-85 Corridor to Century Center and over to PDK Airport,” Gebbia said.

The city government of Chamblee is taking a wait-and-see stance toward Brookhaven's study.

“I think that it would be of great economic interest to different pieces of the puzzle as we are continually looking to interconnect our community in the region anyway,” Chamblee City Councilman Thomas Hogan said.

Last month, officials in Sandy Springs also discussed a monorail system as a potential way to address transportation needs in their city. 

The Brookhaven study should take about six months to complete.