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Mercedes-Benz USA Seeks Street Name Change In Sandy Springs

Feb 28, 2017

Mercedes-Benz USA next week will ask the city of Sandy Springs  to rename Barfield Road, adjacent to its new headquarters, to Mercedes-Benz Drive.

The name change would mean a new address for its neighbor, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wendy Sharp works at the Mormon church and lives just a mile away. She said she feels sad watching the trees fall down, but swallowing a proposed name change is even more difficult.

"I find it inappropriate to have a humble place of worship where all are God’s children and equal in the sight of the Lord to have such a branding,” Sharp said. “I find it to be sad. Tragic."

Sharp said she would think she was at the wrong location if the address to a Mormon temple was a reference to a luxury car manufacturer. She said that of the church complex buildings, only the temple, where baptisms and religious ceremonies are performed, would be primarily impacted.

Barfield Road is named after a family that used to live in Sandy Springs and owned a farm there.

Donna Boland of Mercedes-Benz has said it's a 40-year tradition for the company to rename streets to help make its employees feel welcome at their new location.

The Sandy Springs City Council will consider the name change next Tuesday.