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Memoirist Melissa Febos Explores How Wounds Lead To Happiness

Apr 14, 2017

The personal is author Melissa Febos' fodder, but she never thought she’d be a memoirist. It was only when a professor encouraged her in graduate school to expand on a nonfiction writing assignment that she saw the power in that type of writing.

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“I do think there is a particular power in knowing that the person who wrote the story and lived it is real,” she said.

Her 2010 memoir "Whip Smart" launched her into the national spotlight. It was about her experiences as an addict and a dominatrix.

Febos has just released a new memoir called "Abandon Me." Little time is spent on her former career in sex work, and instead looks at her struggles with addiction, family, lovers and why being left behind has shaped her identity.

“Our wounds are what lead us to our greatest happiness,” she said. “And for me, all of those orbit this idea of abandonment.”

Author Melissa Febos will appear at Charis Books at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to talk about "Abandon Me." She will be joined by Atlanta-based poet and memoirist Molly Brodak and graphic novelist Lydia Conklin.