A Long Lost Piece of Georgia History Takes an Unusual Route Home

Nov 19, 2013

(This story original aired on January 14, 2013. The Appling Sword remains on display in the Hall of Valor at the Capitol.) 

Thirty years after the Revolutionary War, the United States and Britain once again fought for control of North American territory. In recognition of his heroic efforts in the War of 1812, the Georgia Legislature awarded native son Daniel Appling with a personalized sword.

However, before it was awarded, Lieutenant Colonel Appling died and the sword began a path that’s been largely unknown for the last 100 years.

Three years ago though, the sword surfaced in Pennsylvania and a statewide effort started to raise the necessary funds for its purchase. Dianne Cannestra and Susan Lemesis, both a part of the Georgia chapter of the U.S. Daughters of 1812, spearheaded the Appling Sword campaign. 

After several long years of fundraising, the sword was finally unveiled at the Georgia State Capitol in October 2012. City Cafe's John Lemley ventured over to the Capitol to learn more about the sword's unusual return to Georgia. 


The Appling Sword
Credit Dianne Cannestra

In this web bonus, Susan Lemesis gives a detailed description of the Appling Sword.