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Kim Severson Brings Atlanta Culinary Scene To National Stage

Jun 8, 2017

Kim Severson writes about food.

“That means I work a lot, write a lot, eat a lot,” Severson joked with Lois Reitzes on an interview for “City Lights.”

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Her body of work—and the accolades she’s garnered—speak to her expertise on culinary culture: Kim Severson has won four James Beard Awards for food writing, and her bibliography includes “The New Alaska Cookbook.”

Severson has been a correspondent for The New York Times since 2004, and in 2010 she became the paper’s Atlanta bureau chief. Food, however, has always been her passion, and in 2014 she shifted into her current role as a correspondent on the nation’s food culture. She’s still based in Atlanta and that has afforded this “capital of the New South” more national press coverage.

Reitzes and Severson discussed her latest article for The New York Times, in which Severson follows Atlanta chef (and James Beard Award nominee) Asha Gomez on a sort of spiritual and culinary pilgrimage to India.

Read “A Chef’s Quest in India: Win Respect for Its Cooking” here.