Jester Considers Run for State Superintendent

Oct 18, 2013

Former DeKalb County school board member Nancy Jester says she’s considering a run for state schools superintendent. Gov. Deal suspended Jester and five others from the board after a scathing report from the district’s accrediting agency, which led to a hearing before the state board of education. But Jester says she’s not worried about being labeled.

“I’m not concerned,” she says. “Much of the evidence that came out that precipitated the whole series of events came from information that I uncovered.”  

Jester says she helped bring to light the district’s poor budgeting practices, which were cited in the report. She says the state needs to use money more efficiently and should be more transparent in its budgeting practices.

Nancy Jester says she's considering a run for state schools superintendent.
Credit DeKalb County School District