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Israeli Filmmaker Nitzan Gilady Tells Stories On The Fringes

Mar 15, 2017

Israeli filmmaker Nitzan Gilady is spending this semester at Emory University as a filmmaker-in-residence. As a documentarian, he’s explored conflict throughout his career between Jerusalem’s gay and Orthodox community in “Jerusalem Is Proud to Present” and within his own family in “Family Time.”

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As a Yemenite, a marginalized community in Israel, Gilady said he is attracted to stories about outsiders. “The fact that we were Yemenites in Israel . . . I was very sensitive about everything that had to do with my community, just because we were different and being treated differently,” Gilady said in an interview with WABE's Lois Reitzes. “It made me more aware of people on the fringes.”

Gilady made his fiction feature film debut in 2015 with “Wedding Doll,” a story about a young woman with a mental disability and working in a toilet paper factory. 

Emory is screening Nitzan’s films on five successive Wednesdays, starting tonight with “Wedding Doll.” Each film screening begins at 7:30 p.m. in White Hall on Emory’s campus. Nitzan will be in attendance at all events and will introduce the films and host a Q & A.