Intown Atlanta Residents React to Snowstorm

Jan 29, 2014

In Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood near Midtown, things were pretty quiet Wednesday morning after the storm.

At a group of apartments near the Old Fourth Ward Park, a worker digs salt out of a bag and sprinkles it on stairs that are covered in solid ice.

There aren’t many other signs of life nearby.

But Johannes Jared is out taking a walk. His commute home from Kennesaw took two hours Tuesday. It normally takes about 35 minutes.

“I left way earlier than usual because of the snow,” Jared says. “That’s actually lucky because I heard a lot of stories that they actually got stuck overnight on the interstate.”

The Old Fourth Ward Park near Midtown was covered in snow and pretty empty Wednesday morning.
Credit Martha Dalton/WABE News

Jared is originally from Austria. So, he says, what happened Tuesday seems a little strange.

“It’s crazy because we have, like, 10 times or 20 times more snow and everything works just fine,” he says. “But, that’s the South. It’s, like, not used to snow.”

Christian Nieto, on his way to get coffee, agreed Atlanta wasn’t ready for the storm. He works for Jimmy John’s and was delivering food on his bike when the snow started falling.

“It was just chaos,” he says. “No one really knew how to drive in it. I didn’t know how to ride my bike in it. My bike isn’t made for that so, I got off the road as fast as I could.”

But, he had a brush with danger first.

“I fell over in Midtown off of 8th Street right in front of a car,” Nieto says. “They hit on their brakes and they just slid and they kind of bumped me. And I was just like, ‘Ok, I don’t even want to be out here.’”

Nieto says he couldn’t finish his shift. He still works for the sandwich shop, but said he’s taking a day or two off.