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How To Be Prepared When A Winter Storm Is Forecasted

Jan 22, 2016

When the weather forecast says "winter storm watch," it can be hard to know whether to expect another "Snowpocalypse," an ice storm or just a spate of cold rain. 

The Ready Georgia campaign with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security advises that Georgians prepare for the inconveniences of a serious winter storm no matter what, because that "winter storm watch" could morph into a dangerous weather event.

While staying off the roads completely in the event of a winter storm forecast is encouraged, the Ready Georgia campaign recommends drivers keep emergency supplies in both their cars and homes, in case a severe winter storm hits while they are on the road. 

Once people are able to reach a safe location, the campaign recommends they take precautions to make sure faucets and pipes don't freeze, as well as make sure they stay warm while avoiding potential fire and carbon monoxide hazards.

You can see more winter weather safety tips by clicking through the slideshow on the top of the page.