Holiday Display Brings First Responders

Dec 24, 2013

A Gwinnett County homeowner's annual holiday display got a reaction he never expected.

Slim, as he is known, has been hanging around Bubba Murphy's house in Berkeley Lake for several Christmases now...literally.

The sweatshirt and blue jean-wearing dummy is holding onto the gutters with a string of lights dangling next to him and a ladder that appears to be falling to the ground at that very moment.

Credit Dawn Murphy

Murphy says, "We got the mailman; we've gotten neighbors, people just walking by [and then] running up to help. And then they see what it is, and then they start laughing."

But one night this week, a stranger drove through the neighborhood.

We'd just finished up dinner," says Murphy. "And I walked through the family room and just looked out in our front yard, and I said, 'Where are all these red lights coming from?' I opened the door. There was a fire truck, an ambulance, a police car, and a fire marshal's car and a yard full of firemen. Then we heard the lady just apologizing so badly. She felt bad for calling everyone out."

Murphy says he took the display down for a few days, but now Slim is back by popular demand.