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Gwinnett Commissioner Tommy Hunter Faces Public Reprimand

Jun 21, 2017

Gwinnett County commissioners have voted to publicly reprimand Commissioner Tommy Hunter.

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The county's ethics board recommended last month that commissioners reprimand Hunter for calling Congressman John Lewis a "racist pig" on social media. More than 100 people turned out for a commission meeting Tuesday. Several spoke before the commission vote, including Rachel Theus, a Hunter constituent from Lilburn.

"Tommy Hunter may be blind to his betrayal of the public trust. But for the good of Gwinnett County, you, commissioners, must not be," Theus said.

No one spoke against the ethics board's recommendation. When the commissioners voted unanimously to reprimand Hunter, the crowd erupted in applause. 

"I think we have a good deal to do on inclusiveness. I hope we can figure out some ways to use the energy generated for the good of Gwinnett," said Charlotte Nash, who chairs the Board of Commissioners.

Nash also added that Hunter's comments deeply troubled her. 

"The very idea that we cannot have civil discourse without calling names, without recognizing that there is a place for differences in our racial background. The differences should not divide us," Nash said. 

Hunter didn't attend the meeting. His public reprimand will be posted on the county's website, bulletin board and in the Gwinnett Daily Post.