Gov. Deal May Not Have to Testify in Ethics Whistle-Blower Case

Feb 7, 2014

Credit Governor's Office

 Even though Gov. Nathan Deal has been subpoenaed in a lawsuit filed against the state by the state ethics commission’s former deputy, he may not have to testify.

Assistant Attorney General Kelly Campanella asked the judge Friday in Sherry Streicker’s lawsuit to quash a subpoena calling Deal to testify. Campanella says the governor doesn't have first-hand information about the case.

When WABE spoke with Gov. Deal Friday afternoon, he said he was unaware of the request and didn’t know if he would end up having to testify or not, telling WABE, “I’ll ask whatever questions they ask me; I just don’t know what questions they want to ask.”

Streicker’s lawsuit alleges her job at the state ethics commission was eliminated because she was investigating complaints into the finances of Gov. Deal’s 2010 election campaign.

The trial in the suit was supposed to begin Friday but was delayed until April because three witnesses in the case have medical issues. There is no word yet on when the judge will rule on the motion to quash the subpoena against Gov. Deal.