Georgians Start to Gain Access to Healthcare Exchange

Oct 23, 2013

Three weeks after the Affordable Care Act’s online insurance marketplace launched, anecdotal reports indicate Georgians are starting to get through. 

Michael Lappin looks over health policies offered on Georgia's federally-run insurance exchange. He says the policies are more comprehensive and drastically cheaper than what he now pays.
Credit Jim Burress / WABE

Atlanta mortgage broker Michael Lappin, 44, is one. 

He now buys health coverage on the individual market.  And for three weeks, he’s tried to crack the much-maligned online exchange portal.

“We’re an ‘information age,’ and when you can’t get something, it’s frustrating,” he says, noting that his frustration is now a thing of the past. 

At Lappin’s Midtown office, he compares two "Platinum-level" plans from Humana. He's considering the insurer for both him and his 49-year-old husband. 

And as he reviews the policy's costs, he smiles.

“I anticipate between the two of us we’re going to save over $5,000 a year, and have better coverage and lower out of pocket and co-pays," he says.  "That’s just in the premiums alone.”

Lappin doesn’t qualify for a subsidy, but many Georgians will.  

As he sees it, that long-term cost savings outweighs any previous frustration with the site. 

Meanwhile, federal officials say they continue to work out kinks in the website.