Georgians Confident about Economy, Seek Walkable Areas

Many Georgians are confident about their economic futures.

Many Georgians are feeling confident about their financial futures.

According to a national poll by the American Planning Association, 49% of people in the Peach State say their local economies will improve within the next five years.

That's 10% higher than the national number.

"We're certainly starting to see real estate come back after a pretty big dip.  The economic environment is improved.  I think people are more optimistic now, I certainly am, than I was two, three years ago," says Kevin Green, the president and CEO of the Midtown Alliance.

Another factor for the confidence, according to Green, is a boost in tech jobs, especially within metro Atlanta.

But many Georgians would like to see their neighborhoods become more walkable, so that they can rely less on vehicles.

"It's about quality of life, transportation choices that go beyond the automobile.  It's about a strong sense of community," says Green.

The poll was based on more than 1,000 people between 21 and 65 years old.