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Georgia Tech, Emory Libraries Collaborate On Joint Facility

Georgia Tech and Emory University are creating a shared library facility in which millions of materials from both schools will be stored in a $24 million facility. This will free up space for Emory and Georgia Tech and also make sure these items are safe.

"None of us knows how long humans are going to want to keep paper and microform materials," said Catherine Murray-Rust, the dean of Georgia Tech's libraries. "But what we want to make sure, as librarians, is that, at least on our watch, we're sort of pushing them forward to the future."

The center will have a reading room, but it will be mainly used for storage purposes.

“Right now it has an archival module that will hold four million volumes,” explained Yolanda Cooper, University Librarian at Emory University. "Once we finish ingest, which will be sometime this summer, there will be a little over two million volumes there."

Officials at both schools say this partnership could eventually produce a library consortium with other colleges in the area or region.