Georgia Teams in South Carolina for Conference Matchups

Oct 5, 2012

One team is coming off a win, the other a devastating loss…

This weekend the Georgia Bulldogs and Rambling Wreck of Georgia Tech are playing on the road in South Carolina.

Stephen Black has a light-hearted albeit kind of serious message for Georgia Tech.

“They let me down last week and that was my first loss of the season on your reports and I’m kind of upset with Georgia Tech about that.”

Black is the managing editor for Score Atlanta Sports Magazine.

Georgia Tech’s home loss to Middle Tennessee State was surprising to a lot of people.

And this week’s opponent is a lot better says Black.

“Clemson is about ten times the talent on offense. The Georgia Tech defense looks like they’re in for a long day. However, Georgia Tech has a history of playing their best game of the year against Clemson. They pulled off a major upset last year when Clemson was in the top ten and undefeated. So who says they can’t do it again.”

Tech’s defense is allowing more than 40 points a game and Clemson is averaging 40 points a game.

Kickoff is 3:30 and it’s at Memorial Stadium also known as Death Valley.

Meanwhile about 1-hunded and 37 miles away in Columbia, South Carolina, the Bulldogs will play the Gamecocks.

Stephen Black says the bulldogs will have to win without their top wide receiver Michael Bennett.

But Georgia has a deep bench of receivers, that’s more than any other position on the team.

The gamecocks are coached by a man who’s considered college football royalty.

Black says Steve Spurrier is the reason South Carolina has beaten UGA in recent years.

“If the gamecocks were able to win this game it would be the first time they’ve won three in a row over Georgia in the history of the series. A lot of that can be attributed to Steve Spurrier being there and bringing that confidence that they can get a leg up on Georgia.”

But Black still thinks UGA will win 20 to 17.