Georgia Senate Passes New BUI Bill

Mar 1, 2013

The Georgia Senate today passed a bill that aims to crack down on boating under the influence.

Senate Bill 136 lowers the legal alcohol limit for boating, bringing it into line with Georgia’s DUI law and provides escalating penalties for BUI convictions.

Sen. Butch Miller-(R) represents Hall County, where most of Lake Lanier is located. In two separate accidents on Lanier last summer, three children died: Kile Glover and brothers Jake and Griffin Prince.

Miller grew emotional as he brought the bill to the Senate floor, his voice breaking as he said, “I’ve never asked this body for a unanimous vote. Today I would ask this body for a unanimous vote in favor of this bill to honor the Glover and the Prince families. Thank you very much.”

Sen. Miller got his unanimous vote.

He admits that the Department of Natural Resources could use more enforcement help. But the bill mandates education which Miller hopes will provide prevention. Boaters born after 1998 would have to take an online safety course, and all boat renters would be required to undergo a safety briefing.

The bill now goes to the House.