Georgia Power, U.S. Army Working on Solar Projects

Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft says details on the solar projects are still being finalized.
Credit John Kraft / GA Power

There's a push to make some of Georgia's military bases more environmentally-friendly.

The U.S. Army and Georgia Power are working on solar energy projects.

"Cost is always an issue when you're installing solar facilities.  That's something we're working through," says Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft.

There are three proposed 30-megawatt solar projects being discussed, according to Major General Al Aycock.

He says that would fulfill about 9% of a renewable energy mandate from the federal government.

"It provides (the Army) with an independent source of renewable energy that they will have full control of.  The benefit to Georgia Power is, you know, that they have created this partnership with the U.S. military," says former Public Service Commissioner Bobby Baker.

Colleen Kiernan, the director of the Sierra Club, applauds this move and hopes it continues a trend.

"The sheer amount of solar we have is definitely impressive, but we need to have more solar per person.  They we'll really be the leaders that we're destined to be."

Kraft says Georgia Power is in the final stages of putting the plan together and says an official statement with specific details will be released then.