Georgia Participating in DEA Take-Back Event

The DEA is holding its National Prescription Drug Take-Back this weekend.

Georgia is among the states taking part in the Eighth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

Saturday's event, which starts at 10 am, is part of a push from federal authorities to avoid the misuse of pharmaceuticals.

"Of people 12 and older who abuse pain relievers in the last year, the majority----something like 54 percent-----got them from friends and family for free, including from their home cabinets," says DEA Special Agent Joseph Moses.

Georgians can go to the DEA's website to find the nearest location taking the drugs back this weekend.

"If they are no longer needed or no longer being used, unfortunately, there's a big public safety concern that we want to address," says Moses.

The last take-back event was in November.

State officials say Georgians turned in more than 8,000 pounds of prescription drugs that day.