Georgia Lawmaker Will Push Parent Trigger Law

Oct 25, 2012

Ed Lindsey serves as House Majority Whip and is on the Appropriations, Industrial Relations, Education, Ethics, Judiciary, and Rules Committees.

A Georgia lawmaker says he’s going to introduce legislation that would give parents greater influence ways to “trigger” changes in failing schools.

Ed Lindsey is a product of the Atlanta Public Schools and he represents parts of North Fulton County.

He’s also critical of the current state of public education in Georgia.

“One of the problems we have in this state is that we have a large number of systems that are spending a disproportionate share of their education dollars on bureaucracy rather than on the classroom.”

The fourth highest ranking republican in the general assembly, Lindsey says parents need the ability to hold public schools accountable for failing students.

For example, Lindsey believes parents should have the right to change the administration of a low-performing school.

Lindsey believes a system needs to be in place that identifies and rewards good teachers.

However, it will also weed out educators that aren’t necessarily “making the grade” and improve those teachers who have good qualities but need to improve in some skills.

A member of the house education committee, Rep. Lindsey is a staunch supporter of charter schools.

This coming legislative session, he will push for what’s called a parent trigger law.

“Particularly for kids who are in failing schools, we need to be able to give parents and those students alternatives such as a conversion charter so that those kids can have a shot at the American Dream.”

So far seven states have passed legislation that would fall under the parent trigger law concept.

Critics say local school boards and even state education departments should be the ones parents turn to regarding failing schools.