Georgia Health Officials Seek More Radon Data Near Plant Scherer

Nov 16, 2012

Plant Scherer in Monroe County

Georgia health officials are looking for more medical and environmental information from people in middle Georgia where high radon levels exist.

Radon is a gas that comes from the decay of uranium. You cannot smell it or see it. In large amounts, it can cause health problems. High radon levels have been measured in Monroe County near Plant Scherer, a coal-fired power plant run by Georgia Power.

Those who live nearby have wondered for years whether the plant is the source of their health problems.

Early this year, the Georgia Department of Public Health asked people who live within a one-mile radius of the plant to fill out a health survey.

About 50 responses came back. Georgia Department of Public Health spokesman Ryan Deal says, at first, that seemed like enough. “But upon analyzing the results of those surveys,” said Deal, “the trend kept repeating that it appeared as though we were talking about naturally occurring uranium. “

The Georgia Department of Public Health says it needs more data. It’s asking people who live with a mile of the plant to complete the surveys by December 15th.

To access a copy of the survey online, click here to go to the Georgia Department of Public Health website.

Hard copies of the survey are available at the Rum Creek Store on Georgia Highway 87 in Juliette or at the Monroe County Cooperative Extension Office in Forthsyth.

If you need more information about obtaining a survey, call public health consultant Pamela Noah at (404) 657-6532.