"Georgia Gives Day" to Benefit State's Nonprofits

Nov 21, 2012

Raise as much money as possible -- in one day -- for hundreds of Georgia non-profits.

That’s the goal of the first-ever Georgia Gives Day.

“If you ask a non-profit what their top three needs are, it will always be money, money and money,” says Karen Beavor, CEO of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.  That organization is the organizer of the Dec. 6th event.       

“No matter whether you’re giving $10 or $10,000, what we want is for the public to come out in droves," says Beavor.  "The total giving matters—we’re trying to raise money—but it’s really about the total engagement.”

She says the "one-stop-shop" website allows donors to research and sort non-profits by location, keyword or specific cause.  

Participants include big names, like the United Way, and ones less-known, like the Atlanta Community Toolbank.

Donations go right into the non-profit’s bank account.

Because this is the first year, organizers are hesitant to set a specific goal.  But recent “give days” in Minnesota and Colorado raised between $13-million and $16-million.