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Georgia Braces For Likely Explosion Of Pollen Count

Mar 16, 2017

People with pollen problems won't be breathing easy over the next month or so. 

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“Today there is definitely a lot of tree pollen, even the pine pollen is starting to come out now as well as juniper pollen," David Redding, an Atlanta-based allergy physician, said.

Things are likely to get worse over the next few weeks. Allergist Stanley Fineman said pollen levels hit record levels last month, due to warmer-than-usual weather.

But the recent cold snap cut pollen numbers for a few days. Wednesday's pollen count was 45, according to Atlanta Allergy and Asthma. 

Fineman said when temps rise again, pollen numbers will return with a vengeance.

“When they go up, the patients will be hyper-sensitized, primed to have a potentially more of an allergic response when they are re-exposed to the allergen,” Fineman said.

Christine Groft, an Athens resident, said her 10-year-old's allergies have been especially rough over the past week.

“Every time he would play outside anything in the grass or around the trees … he would come in red and itchy," she said. "And then within an hour he would have hives all over his body."

Some people, though, are glad to see things blooming.

“That means it’s almost spring, and spring is really busy for us, so that is a good thing,” said Bonnie Garrison, the co-owner of the Pollen flower shop in Buckhead.

Both doctors advise pollen patients to start taking medication, if they haven't already done so.