Georgia and Alabama Meet in SEC Championship Showdown

Nov 30, 2012

It’s come down to this.

Saturday’s winner of the SEC championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide is likely to play for the national title in college football.

UGA is starving for a national title.

Georgia fans are in desperate need of another great moment in bulldawg history other than the famous play of Georgia’s 1980 come-from-behind victory against the Florida Gators and that year the dogs went on to win a national title.

But that was over 30 years ago.

Stephen Black is the senior managing editor for Score Atlanta and has covered Georgia all season.

He says the play of Georgia QB Aaron Murray is crucial.

“There’s just a huge distortion between his numbers against teams that Georgia blows out and against teams that are just as good as or better than Georgia. So, Aaron Murray has a huge amount of pressure on him and I think that’s why he didn’t speak to the media this week. He just kind of wants to keep the pressure at a minimum.”

But it will take more than the arm of Aaron Murray adds Black to beat Alabama.

He says the bulldogs will also rely on their running backs to actually catch more passes.

“They’ll be able to probably get open against Alabama’s linebackers in the passing game.”

Still, Black is giving the edge to Alabama and predicting the Tide to roll with a 24 to 20 win.