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Ga. Tech Engineer Creates Robotic Therapist Of The Future

Jun 10, 2015

GA Tech Engineering Professor Ayanna Howard says she was first influenced in the STEM fields in middle school by the TV show ''The Bionic Woman.''
Credit Brenna Beech / WABE

A Georgia Tech engineering professor has been hailed by Business Insider as one of the most important female engineers in the world and it’s easy to see why.

Ayanna Howard, a professor with Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the mind behind the start-up Zyrobotics. Howard designed her small bot named "Yellow Jacket" for use in children’s therapy.

“We think of him as a child-size robot,” Howard said during an interview on “A Closer Look.”

Yellow Jacket is for use in the home and specifically made to help children with motor skills disabilities. The more therapy a child can get for any number of disabilities, the better the outcome, Howard said

Children don’t get enough time with a real therapist and Howard believes robots can help correct that.

Howard discussed how Yellow Jacket is used, how long it took to develop the robot, how she got into the STEM field and more on “A Closer Look.”