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Ga. Students Show Improvement On College Entrance Exam

Sep 7, 2017

One nerve-wracking part of applying to college can be taking the entrance exam. Students usually choose between two: the ACT and the SAT. The ACT released its 2017 results Thursday.

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Georgia’s overall composite score improved, as did scores in each subject: English, reading, math and science. For the second consecutive year, Georgia’s composite score was slightly above the national average.

The results pleased state Schools Superintendent Richard Woods.

“Georgia is really on a good trajectory,” he said.

The state’s scores have been ticking up for the last five years. In addition, Georgia’s achievement gap — between African-American and Latino students and their peers —has narrowed.

"I would really give credit to our local school systems that they are using flexibility to better address the needs, and really not provide our students with a cookie-cutter approach,” Woods said.

The "flexibility" he mentioned refers to waivers that give school districts more autonomy. The purpose is to let schools, rather than the state, decide the best methods of instruction for their students.

“We have 180 different school systems throughout the state of Georgia,” Woods said. “Each has its own unique student community, and [I] really applaud our local districts [for] looking at the data and moving our kids forward.”

Although college entrance exams may not be the most accurate indicator of a student’s preparedness, Woods says they can give some idea of how kids are doing.

“The ACT or the SAT, I mean they’re not necessarily aligned to our set of standards within the state, but they do give a good comparison across the nation about how our kids compare nationally as well,” he said.