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Ga. Musicians Would Get Tax Breaks Under New Bill

Jan 19, 2017

Georgia's music industry could start to get more tax breaks like TV and film companies do under a bill set to be introduced this month.

State Rep. Matt Dollar from Marietta said a study committee found music is big in Georgia, but not all musicians stay here.  

"We have a lot of music natural resources, if you will, in Georgia," he said. "But, for a variety of reasons, we haven't been able to attract, to some point, but, to a larger extent, really retain that side of the industry."

Dollar said some musicians leave Georgia because other states offer better tax breaks.

The Republican wants artists here not to have to pay state taxes on the royalties from their music.  They'd also get breaks on publishing deals under his proposal.

The music industry has nearly a four billion-dollar impact on Georgia's economy each year.

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