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Ga. Democrats Aim to Expand Voter Access in 2017 Session

Dec 22, 2016

Georgia Democrats plan to introduce legislation next year aimed at expanding voter access.

One bill would streamline voter registration, making it an automatic part of getting a driver's license or state ID. People would have to sign a statement saying they're citizens who are eligible to vote.

Another measure would let people vote anywhere within their home county. It's something that already happens with early voting. Rep. Roger Bruce is that bill's sponsor.

"There are people who work on one side of town and live on another. And if it’s a heavy voting day they could run late for work," he said. "Or if they try to vote after work, trying to get through traffic, in Atlanta, trying to get through to the other side of town, that's pretty tough."

The proposed measures follow a record-breaking turnout for the presidential election.

Both of these bills have been before the legislature before. They haven't gotten much attention in the past, but their sponsors say they plan to  make voter access a priority in the coming legislative session.

It starts Jan. 9th.

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