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Ga. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black On Immigration Debate

Feb 20, 2017

As President Donald Trump prepares a revised version of his executive order on travel and immigration, he continues to promise tougher enforcement against people who are in the country illegally. Earlier this months, ICE raids in Georgia resulted in 87 arrests. All of that has put many immigrant workers on edge, and some students from immigrant families have stayed away from school.

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Immigrant workers – legal and otherwise – are a key part of Georgia's biggest business: agriculture. On "Morning Edition," State Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, a Republican, spoke with Denis O'Hayer about whether the recent raids – and the protests that resulted – have had an effect so far on farmers and on the workers they need to produce Georgia's crops.

(Note:  The expanded version includes questions for Black about the president's plans to build a wall on the Mexican border; reports that Trump might mobilize the National Guard for immigration enforcement; and the chances for a comprehensive immigration reform bill to pass the new Congress.)