Fulton County Calling in Emergency Pest Control for Government Center

Dec 12, 2013

Fulton County plans to bring pest control contractors into three large county buildings this weekend to try to take care of a rat problem.

County facilities director David Ricks says he was made aware of the extent of the rat infestation at the government center only this week despite the fact that county employees have been asked not to leave food out because of the problems. There are rodent issues in the justice tower and the juvenile court building as well.

Ricks calls the ongoing infestation quote “a challenge,” telling WABE, “We need to improve in terms of what we’re doing. We’re looking at ways to improve the level of performance and cleanliness in our facilities.”

Ricks says the three buildings, which total more than 1.5 million square feet, have been serviced by county workers but he was unable to outline what duties those workers have other than pest control.

Ricks also could not give a figure on how much the emergency work, scheduled to start Saturday, will cost. He says he will ask the county commission for funds to institute a larger pest control program in all county buildings next year.