Food Bank Expects Surge in Need Following the Storm

Feb 15, 2014

ACFB distributes food through community-based organizations and, in some counties, directly to the needy through its remote program.
Credit Atlanta Community Food Bank

 This week’s storm interrupted operations for many organizations that help metro Atlanta’s most needy.

Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) employees were back in the office Friday connecting with the community agencies they serve to tend to immediate needs.

But ACFB Executive Director Bill Bolling expects the need to surge in the coming weeks.  “This has a huge impact for hourly employees, for low income employees, has a huge impact for people who work in the hospitality community if those places didn’t open during the snow storm, so just a few days,” said Bolling. “[For] most of us, a few days is just a little blip. For some folks, losing a few days’ pay is a big issue for the month.” 

The Atlanta Community Food Bank provides food for those who need it in 29 metro Atlanta counties.