"Finding Your Way of Being" at St. Philips' Labyrinth

Dec 19, 2013

The outdoor labyrinth at the Cathedral of St. Philip
Credit The Cathedral of St. Philip

When you think of the term “labyrinth,” you may envision a confusing maze filled with dead-ends. But technically, a labyrinth is something different: a design that’s formed by a single, winding path that usually leads to the center of the design and back out again.

Labyrinths pre-date Christianity, but for hundreds of years, churches have featured the winding walking designs in their sanctuaries and churchyards.  They serve as sites for walking prayer or meditation, and this time of year, they attract visitors seeking a sense of quietude amidst the holiday hubbub.

WABE's Kate Sweeney paid a visit to the labyrinth in the quiet courtyard of the Cathedral of Saint Philip, and brought back this sound portrait.