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Filmmaker Examines Diversity In Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Scene

Sep 1, 2015

Atlanta rapper Alexander “Stanza” Wiggins, father of two, balances his time between parenting and the hip-hop scene. Filmmaker Will Feagins interviewed him for his documentary film “Divided Time.”
Credit Will Feagins

  When filmmaker William Feagins moved to Atlanta, he was skeptical of the city's hip-hop scene.

“I kind of had the perception that most people do that the music scene is going to be one-sided. It’s only going to sound like one artist,” said Feagins. "But as I go more involved in the scene, I found that there were a wide variety of artists here.” 

Feagins has made several short documentaries that explore the diversity of hip-hop in Atlanta. A few hip-hop artists in his documentary “Underexposed” describe Atlanta as a place of “hip-hop gumbo.” Feagins found that this diversity is in part due to all the transplants who end up in Atlanta.

Previously a DJ, Feagins also makes music videos with some of the Atlanta hip-hop artists. In the past six years, he’s made about 50.

Feagins’ most successful documentary was “Divided Time.” It made it into film festivals around the country, including the Atlanta Film Festival.

The documentary explores how several hip-hop artists divide their time between their craft and their children.

“I just wanted to help put out a more positive image to show that there are good hip-hop artists who are responsible adults,” he said.

PBA 30 will show Feagins’ documentary “Change in the Game,” which features interviews with Atlanta hip-hop artists talking about how hip-hop has changed, on Sept. 12 at 12:30 a.m as part of their program, "Atlanta Shorts."