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Emory's Annexation Into Atlanta Takes Another Step Forward

Aug 11, 2017

Atlanta's Zoning Review Board passed the ordinance Thursday to annex Emory University and a few nearby properties into the city.

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Representatives from Emory and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spoke to the board voicing their support for the annexation.


But DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader voiced the county government's opposition to the plan.

"We contest the notion the zoning is equivalent," Rader said. "There are many elements of Atlanta's O-I and other residential zoning categories that actually yield more intensity of development."

O-I is the office and institutional zoning. DeKalb County has already sent a letter to Atlanta outlining its objections, and one is the county's contention that once Emory becomes part of Atlanta, it will encourage too much development in the area.

Next stop for the annexation plan is the City Council zoning committee. If it passes there, it goes to the full Atlanta City Council.