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Emory Professor Explores Art Appreciation In Digital Age

Aug 7, 2015

Getting younger audiences who are hooked on digital technology to appreciate live arts performances, like this one pictured, is a challenge for Emory professor Leslie Taylor.
Credit Brett Weinstein / flickr.com/nrbelex

Leslie Taylor admits she doesn’t use social media all that often and is still grasping the multitude of ways in which individuals use technology.

Taylor, a professor of theater studies at Emory University, is also executive director of its Center for Creativity and the Arts, which is charged with integrating the arts into the Emory experience at large.

On “City Lights,” Taylor explained her vision for a unified approach to arts appreciation during a time of continuing media fragmentation.

“The biggest challenge for me is understanding how people are consuming art, that that's changed, and it's changed in ways that I don't totally understand," Taylor said.

In an interview with host Lois Reitzes, Taylor explained that her objective is a familiar one: “How we make art accessible to people who are consuming art in all kinds of media.”

Taylor, a resident set and costume designer for Theater Emory, said that for all the benefits of using digital technology to consume art and culture, it’s hard to beat the experience of live performance.

“If you can’t physically be there, you won’t know,” she said. “It’s all different because you’re there.”