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Douglasville Residents, Officials To Discuss Proposed Quarry

Jan 11, 2017

Residents and officials in Douglasville will hold a public meeting Thursday night about a proposed rock quarry.

A company called Georgia Stone Products LLC wants to put a new one in Douglasville; it would be the city's second.

Jonathan Lynn is Douglasville's Community and Development Services director. He said arguments in favor of the quarry are pretty clear.

“Job creation, additional tax revenue, you know, just being able to create additional business and growth opportunity for Douglasville,” said Lynn.

The proposed site is near the intersection of Highway 78 -- that's West Strickland Street -- and South Flat Rock Road.

Lynn said it appears most people who live in the area oppose the plan.

That includes Curtis Shipley, a Douglasville resident for 60 years.

“A rock quarry is kind of like a dump, you got to have one, but nobody wants to live next to one," said Shipley. "If we absolutely had to have a rock quarry, well maybe that’s a little different story, but there’s absolutely no necessity for another rock quarry."

There are at least a dozen granite quarries in Atlanta's western suburbs.

The Douglasville City Council is scheduled to vote on the issue next week.

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